Using VACM with Hoover

Using Hoover

Hoover is an graphical user interface under development, authored by Dean Johnson . Its interface allows the user to aggregate cluster information, for one or more clusters, in a very compact space and attempts to have only one window if at all possible. The primary display (referred to as a 'panel') is a tree view of the clusters and their nodes. From that panel, the user can then find information, such as the system event logs, or perform various administrative actions on the nodes (or whole clusters), such as resetting them or powering them down. When information has been requested, typically a new panel is created in the lower tabbed panel. Panels can be dragged and dropped inside or outside of hoover for flexibility.

Figure 6-13. Hoover Screenshot

A screen shot of the Hoover client

To run hoover, simply run the 'hoover' program and specify IP addresses for the machines on which the Nexxus is running. It will default to 'localhost' if nothing is specified on the command line. Most actions are accomplished by right mouse button selecting on either the cluster entries or the node entries in the trees. You can add or remove nodes using this technique. You may also use the Options->'Scan for Nexxus' menu item to search an address range for Nexxus. Also, each tabbed panel has a menu available on the tab, using rightmost mouse button that allows for actions on items in that panel.