Chapter 6. VACM Clients

Table of Contents
Using VACM with vash
Using VACM with Flim
Using VACM with Hoover

Using VACM with vash

Introduction to vash

vash is an excellent tool for simple shell scripts to communicate with VACM or to perform VACM operations directly from the command line. It has both an interactive and non interactive mode of operation. vash takes a number of optional arguments:

The power of vash comes from the ipc command. It allows you to send any ipc message to the module of your choice directly from the command line. vash does not care about the semantics of individual modules and as such requires the user to understand what IPC commands a module accepts.

Commandline Options

-c <nexxus>   -- Connect to Nexxus
-u <username> -- Username 
-p <password> -- Password 
-x <command>  -- Execute command in Non Interactive Mode

vash Internal Commands

vash currently implements the following commands:

alias <alias>=<command>

Alias user supplied command "alias" to command "command".

connect <hostname>

Connect to a Nexxus at "hostname".

disconnect <hostname>

Disconnect from the Nexxus at "hostname".


Exit vash.

ipc <nexxus> <message>

Send ipc message "message" to Nexxus "nexxus.

nexxus_modules <nexxus>

List loaded modules on Nexxus "nexxus".

source <filename>

Source and execute commands from "filename".

unalias <alias>

Remove the alias for "alias".