Running Nexxus for the First Time

Test out the VACM installation by typing '/usr/bin/nexxus -l'. You should see something like this:
VACM 2.0.0 (Beta 2 Candidate) Nexxus daemon (Build Jun 1 2000 07:28:49)
[Nexxus] Standard Out Logging Enabled
[Nexxus] No groups. Creating 'default' group
[Nexxus] No users. Creating dflt user 'blum' w/ pass 'frub'
[Nexxus] User will be added to group 'default'
[Nexxus] Identified 9 modules
[Nexxus] [Useradm][0.1][USER_ADM][San Mehat (]
[Nexxus] [VA1000][1.1][VA1000][Jerry Katzung (]
[Nexxus] [ICMP ECHO][1.0][ICMP_ECHO][San Mehat (]
[Nexxus] [msc][2.0][MSC][Dean Johnson (]
[Nexxus] [rsh][2.0][RSH][Dean Johnson ( & Zac Sprackett (]
[Nexxus] [Sysstat][0.1][SYSSTAT][San Mehat (]
[Nexxus] [SERCON][2.0][SERCON][San Mehat (]
[Nexxus] [EMP][2.0][EMP][San Mehat (]
[Nexxus] [BayTech][2.0][BAYTECH][Zac Sprackett (]
This indicates that Nexxus has successfully started, created the default user and groups, and loaded in a few VACM modules. You can further test the installation by typing 'vash -c localhost -u blum -p frub -x "ipc localhost nexxus:node_list"' in a separate shell. You should see the following returned:
The number '2' itself is unimportant. What is important is that Nexxus has responded. The 'VASH' tool is discussed in 'Using VACM with vash'. If these tests have been successful then congratulations; you are now ready to begin configuring and using VACM. At this point if you have not already subscribed, it is probably a good idea to subscribe to the VACM mailing lists on the VACM project page.